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Thread: Hello democracy, goodbye ACTA

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    Hello democracy, goodbye ACTA

    This signature got me curious.

    Is ACTA dead and buried then?
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    Yep, to all intents and purposes it's dead in the water at least for now. It was rejected by the European Parliament a couple of months ago which effectively was it's demise.

    It was way too close for comfort, the bill was developed and introduced in secret and only came to public attention via the Wikileaks affair in 2008-9 and the final full version only got leaked in Nov 2010. Several countries signed in 2011 including the US and several relative lightweights such as Australia, South Korea, Morocco, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, but excluding EU who made noises that they would sign shortly. The countries that did sign then needed to get it ratified at home and it was only at this stage where public opinion kicked in. There were mass protests online and offline. People who were now being made aware of the implications of this legislation took to the streets in numbers and most countries abandoned the ratification process.

    What's left is the US and a few relatively inconsequential countries still bound by it but without EU backing it's all mouth and no trousers compared with what they'd hoped for.
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