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Thread: Efiling 2012 Problems with Flash and PDF in IE

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    Efiling 2012 Problems with Flash and PDF in IE

    Anyone else experiencing these problems with efiling and internet explorer this year?
    When opening returns with flash, the scroll function does not work - makes it really difficult to navigate the return
    When opening with PDF - a separate window opens and changes to the form cant be saved...

    Seems the only "solution" at the moment is to use Firefox and the PDF version (Flash does not work with firefox either)


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    Hi - I use Firefox and IE interchangeably when using Efiling. I found that on IE things took aaaaages to load, and often would re-initialise the page a few times. Firefox was much faster, but didn't seem to handle the PDF pages very well.

    I recently reset IE to all its default values and started from scratch - and it seems to have improved significantly when doing eFiling.
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    Is the Flash option back? They had disabled it for a while.

    There's something scewy going on with Adobe X Reader at the moment in my opinion. And it's not just with SARS returns; when I print a pdf (pretty much any pdf), the first time in a session takes ages and my keyboard and mouse functions lock up for a while. Still haven't taken the time to try to figure out what's causing it exactly...

    Same thing happens when I open a pdf interactive return on SARS eFiling - just the first one in a session. After that it flies just fine.

    On the "opens in new window" issue - try this:

    In IE go to Settings > Internet options. Then:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	internet-options.JPG 
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    Click on the tabbed browser settings and change to work the way you want it. Below is my settings, which work quite well for me (including eFiling).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tabbed-browser-settings.JPG 
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    My experience has been Adobe and all their damn updates that is slowing down the systems, they are trying to add this flash of Java flash or whatever it is which is supposed to enhance your experience. I am not sure here, but I disabled the Adobe auto updates, but noted on one occasion, after 30 days of displaying that there is an update available, it did an auto install, maybe I pressed the wrong button.
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    I had a similar (or the same) problem when in IE I could not go to different taxpayers on the list - it came back to the first one only. Apparently this has something to do with the registry and the fact that I have IE ans well as Firefox. When speaking to one of the SARS people I got him to log on as me, and while we were both logged on to my account everything worked fine!! Then I logged on in Firefox as well as in IE and both worked as long as I was logged on to both. What I do now is just do efiling from Firefox and have no problems

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    Try downloading Adobe Reader 10.0
    I had same problem until I downloaded it, now sorted

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