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    Lift Club

    How should one approach this ?

    A lady at work owns a Kombi and travels from a nearby town to work and back every day.

    She has several people traveling with her and at the moment pays her a fee for this.
    I seem to recall that if one transports people for a fee, then all sorts of permits are required and she does not want to go through all these hassles.

    Is there an avenue she can use to get past the above ?

    The main concern I have is that if she ends up in an accident and people are hurt/killed, what then ?
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    If she is charging, (a) she needs a PDP Permit. This is fairly easy to get at licencing department.

    If she does not have such, and is stopped at a roadblock, the vehicle MAY be confiscated untill she complies.

    If she has an accident, and Insurers are not told that she is carrying for reward - and she does not have the above permit - Insurers will decline her claim. This is own damage and Third Party damage caused. If she declares it, her premiums will rise markedly - but at least she will be covered.

    If people are injured in the accident, the Road Accident Fund will pay the passengers' medical expenses, then will exercise rights of recourse to recover the costs against her. She could be sued for ALL her assets.

    So - doing it wrongly means she is on a hiding to nothing!

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