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Thread: Two Pastel Payrolls into one EMP501 return

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    Two Pastel Payrolls into one EMP501 return

    Hi All

    Hoping someone can help me out here. Its that time again where you have to submit all the EMP501's.. I'm working on Pastel Payroll and I have a company that has two branches with same PAYE number ect and these branches have been split into two different payroll files on Pastel Payroll now my problem is when I export the IRP5's from Pastel Payroll into easyfile for the one branch it works 100% but when I export the other branch and import it into easyfile it overrides the other branches IRP5's,is there any way in pastel payroll to consolidate the two branches so we can just export one batch of IRP5's and import them into easyfile??We talking about 70 employees each for each branch so you can imagine the time it would save if it would be possible to consolidate it.

    Some help would be much appreciated.

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    I'd suggest having two installations of E@syfile, one for each branch (probably need to have them on separate machines).

    Then backup the one db and use E@syfile's database merge facility on the other install to import that db.
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