I'm looking for a HARD working VERY computer literate stay-at-home mom or dad who would like to get involved in an online business. The business is Just1.co.za and is very much established.

Your responsibilities would include: email support, the odd phone call, brainstorming ideas to help improve the business, managing my remote employee(s), and whatever the business needs from you. The idea is to share my responsibilities with me in return for 50% of the profits.

You will need at least an ADSL connection, preferably 4Mbps speed to facility Skype and that sort of thing.

Only friendly, trustworthy, HARD working people need apply. The profits will start off small and grow over time as the business is steadily growing.

The time commitment won't be much to begin with. Say 3-5 hours a day, usually less. If you need a high-paying job, this is not for you. This is for someone who sees the potential growth and is willing to put in the time & effort with me in the beginning to get us there. I'm involved in multiple lucrative businesses at grass-roots levels at this time so I cannot do this on my own. I need you!

An entrepreneurial spirit would help but is not an absolute requirement. Just keep in mind that I expect this person to take initiative where they feel they can contribute something positive to the business.

PM me to get the conversation started.