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Thread: Customer On-Boarding Survey (VOIP Provider/PBX)

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    Customer On-Boarding Survey (VOIP Provider/PBX)

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm here to ask you guys for some advise and opinion.

    i have this survey to be sent to our customers, anyone would add some more ideas? would greatly appreciate .. TIA!! VOIP customers will have more ideas on this.

    Acceptance & On-boarding Document

    LAN (Local Area Network) Setup;
    Are All the IP Phones connected and working (They can receive and make calls)
    Are all the IP phones in the correct VLAN (Need to verify their subnet?)
    Are all the applicable peripheral devices connected and working:
    External aging System
    Internal Paging System (PIKA Unit), are the zones and members setup accordingly
    Door boxes and door release mechanism
    ATA (Analog terminal Adaptors)
    WAN (Wide Area Network) Setup:
    Has the primary broadband connection tested?
    Has the secondary back-up broadband connection tested (by disconnecting the primary connection and making sure the phones are working)
    Has the local Survivability been tested (Via FXO ports and local Telco Lines?)

    Call Routing Setup:
    Are all the automated attendant setup and working (Do they have the proper greetings, schedule and dialing options?
    Are all the Hunt Groups setup and working (Do they have the correct hunting policy, members, and schedule?)
    Are all The Call Center groups’ setup and working (Do the have the correct policy, members, queue length, announcements, and overflow destination?

    Manual services setup:
    Is the outgoing Caller ID correct?
    Is the MOH (Music On Hold) working?
    Is the Logo on the Polycom phones acceptable?
    Are the SCAs (Shared Call Appearances) working (Do you have the proper boss-secretary Call Coverage? do the shared lines on soft phones setup and tested?
    Are the BLFs (Busy Lamp Field) on the phones and side modules setup and working?
    Are the Mobility Users “Broadcore Anywhere” setups and tested?
    Have you accessed Broadcore “Call Analytics” call accounting system?
    Do you have the Conference Bridge information (Telephone Number and Access Code?)

    Client Desktop applications Setup:
    Are the “Unity” clients working?
    Is the Receptionist Client Working?
    Is the ACD Supervisor Client working?

    Have all the End Users been trained?
    Are the system administrators been trained?
    Do you have all the Training Materials (Telephone user’s guides and the links to the training sessions?)
    E911 Registration:
    Has the emergency “911” calling been tested (Need to make sure the 911 operators are getting the correct address)

    CPNI (Client Proprietary Network Information)
    Do we have the completed CPNI form?

    Customer Service & Support Escalation Sheet
    Do you have Broadcore’s CS Escalation Sheet?

    LNP (Local Number Portability)
    Have all the ported local numbers and Toll free Numbers been tested (Including any analog lines like such as faxes…)

    Remote Users Setup:
    Are their phones working?
    Has the “SIP ALG” been disabled on the local router?
    Have they registered their number with E911 with the local address?

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    I was wondering what you might be hoping to achieve with the survey. It sounds like a check list that should be done on set-up.
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    Agree totally David,... eyar surveys are generally to ensure client satisfaction after your installation techs have checked the above. Most end users wouldn't have a clue what half that stuff even means.
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