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Thread: Second hand vehicle, warranty and service history

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    Second hand vehicle, warranty and service history

    I bought a second hand car from a Barloworld dealer in November 2011. During the sale, the salesman said the car has been recently serviced (the 100 000 km service), and the next service will only need to be done on 110 000 km.

    The trip computer in the car also had a ‘next service’ section, which informed me that I can still drive for 6000 odd kilometres until the next service.

    Since it’s a second hand car, I bought a warranty of two years as a precaution. The warranty is also from Barloworld.

    After I’ve driven about 3000 kilometres, the car’s clutch broke and needs to be replaced.

    When I submitted the car and warranty to the authorised mechanic, they were informed that the service record is not up to date and that since the car’s last service was at 90 000 km, the warranty is void.

    I am now desperately trying to get proof of the 100 000 km done before we bought the car.

    If there was no service done on 100 000 km, how is it possible to change the trip computer service intervals. I understood that the trip computer can only be amended once a service is done.

    If the trip computer has been changes without a authorised service being done, is there perhaps a digital fingerprint to find out who made changes to the onboard computer.

    Any help welcome, thanks.

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    All goods come with an automatic warranty of 6 months irrespective of any warranty "sold". Section 55 and 56 (I think)
    the sold warranty only starts after the 6 month period.
    Anthony Sterne
    DISCLAIMER The above is merely a comment in discussion form and an open public arena. It does not constitute a legal opinion or professional advice in any manner or form.

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