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Thread: dog eats man

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    dog eats man

    well almost...apparently headlines in one of the newspapers...just imagine if it was that kills man so you just wipe out and entire species because they "could be dangerous" how about all the humans who kill humans...that would be all the humans between 10 and 100

    people have vicious dogs because living in south africa is dangerous...very dangerous and getting worse by the day...funny how it doesnt look like it because crime is not as dangerous as a dog attacking a it doesnt get headlines...or could it be that it is so bad that there is already a ban on the media...or it has just become a way of life and people are not interested in hearing about it...couple murdered in their home...or elderly man beaten almost to death gets a small article on page 5.

    all 3 of my neighbours have been robbed recently...all had attempted house breakins and all have had at least 1 vehicle stolen...some even more attempts...i have big vicious dogs...and am considering getting another 1 or 2 because of an incident which happened last week...they beat the dog to death with a crowbar then used the crowbar to break the security gate off then foce the front door open...and no it not the area i live in...i hear the upmarket areas are being targeted even more...

    so the solution...kill all vicious dogs...or sort out the crime? we all know the answer to this question.

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    the title is interesting

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    As an avid lover of Rottweilers and Boerboels and having owned both breeds - I am fully aware of the bad reputation both have gained, and cannot advocate strongly enough that should anyone choose to introduce a guard dog into their home that they take the time to acquaint themselves with the pro's and cons of that breed and to ensure that the animal is properly trained in both obedience and attack training. This is not only for the sake of the family, but the the sake of the animal too. I read a story recently about a pit bull that attacked a neighbour, when the owner finally came out to see what the commotion was about - she could not control the dog. Besides the fact that the dog was out of the yard in the first place, what the hell was she thinking keeping a dog that she could not control? Pointless loss of life for both man and dog in my opinion.
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    Animals die horribly, my dog a bullterrier died via poison. I can train animals and was very successful in training my bullterrier. They are aggressive so I do not recommend them for a family. At this point the criminals in question took it to far already.

    Invention is the remedy… I designed and build a couple of devices that will bring a criminal to his knees.

    Right now I say don’t be aware of the dog beware of the owner…

    That said my devices will give them every reason to crap themselves. They are "none-lethal" devices and is designed slow a criminal down so that one may have enough time to get them in the "cross-hairs"
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