I've received this email regarding uFiling:

Dear Client

The fund has embarked on a new initiative which allows employees to apply for UIF benefits on line.
The New U-filing functionality helps to:-
save costs,
reduce complexity,
increase transparency and promptness of service,
Improve efficiency of staff,
maintain and track all records,
offers a highly secure solution, inaccessible by unauthorized users.

The new system electronically connects the unemployed with their employers, it provides for:-
real-time declarations and updates
speedy claim processing
Tracking of all claims through the issuing of unique reference numbers

For employees to benefit from this the fund requires that the employer is accredited.
For accreditation kindly complete the attach form and fax it back to the number mentioned below.

Kind regards
OK - I'm confused.

I've registered on uFiling.
This involved a confirmation procedure.
I'm filing returns via uFiling.
Those returns have all the employee details needed.

So what changes / improves if I fill out their form, with all the detail they've already got, and fax it off to them?