Hope that someone can give me some advice.

We purchased a property from an insolvent estate. The offer to purchase was signed in November 2010 and our bond approved accordingly. Due to the fact that it was an insolvent estate, we had to wait up until the estate was almost wound up. That was when we were contacted by the bond attorneys only in October 2011 for transfer to now take place. Firstly we paid a R240,000-00 deposit into the attorneys trust account in August 2011. December I received no feed back from them as their offices were closed. In January a received an "updated: account, still reflecting the R70,000-00. After a long fight, I received another account now only reflecting R120,000-00 deposit!! This account I only received friday 20th Janaury 2012! I immediately insisted that the account was still not correct, I needed the R240,000-00 to reflect on the account. I received a phone call from the attorney today threatening to cancel this transaction by tomorrow as we have not paid the fees!!! How can we pay an account that from the inset, was not correct. On top of it all, they also advised us today that FNB have to re-instate our bond as its older that a year!! We have been waiting for this property for more that a year and now seem to have endless problems! I am now thinking that maybe the liquadators have realized that the property is maybe worth more than our offer and are trying everything for us not to purchase this property. What are can we do?