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Thread: Declaration on Easyfile

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    Question Declaration on Easyfile

    Hi All,

    Hope someone can help as I'm about to pull my hair out!

    Just some background on the staff. I have three groups of staff namely Office Staff, Reps1 and Reps 2.
    Office staff is plain and simply salaries with all the necessary deductions. Reps1 earn a salary AND Commision with all the necessary deductions. Reps 2 only gets commision. No deductions here.

    I have added all employees and their certificates (either IT3 or IRP5). When I go to the declaration under TOTAL VALUE OF TAX CERTIFICATES it is not pulling through the details for Reps1. Only the office staff's SDL and UIF is there. Which now means that I am out on my declaration. I have double checked all the dates etc. I have even deleted a certificate and re-did it to see whether it will help. But to no avail.

    Please help!!!!!!!


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    Hello Helie

    For reps 1 - did you deduct uif on the salary and commission or just the salary?

    maybe double check that you have captured the codes correctly - UIF (4101) SDL (4102)
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    I've found that once you've started the recon process, the program only pulls through the values from the certificates you have captured at that point (which is fair enough at that point, of course ).

    However, if you add, delete or amend any certificates after having started the recon process, the new certificate information isn't pulled through! (This happened to me with the 201108 recon).

    I suggest:
    Manually add up the PAYE, SDL and UIF values per the certificates you have generated.
    Manually put these totals into the "Value of certificates issued" line on the recon form.
    Then submit the return.

    From there check the PAYE dashboard. You might want to read this thread too.

    Fortunately I had started early, so I submitted the EMP501 return (which didn't balance to the actual certificates pulled through), had to wait for it to be accepted, and then went through the resubmission process (which went quite smoothly).

    E@syfile has had two updates since so some aspects of this problem may have been fixed (or not). Essentially it's a programming bug in two parts:
    1. The recon program doesn't recalculate the totals for the certificates issued along the way once you've started the recon process and there's no way to tell the program to recalculate. (Hitting the self-assess button again certainly doesn't help).
    2. When you submit, it only submits the certificates that had been captured when you started the recon process.

    Resubmission solves the bug, provided you've captured all the right certificates when you start the resubmission process
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