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    so what is it gona be...a plasma...lcd or led

    what i will be using it for

    access cameras
    watch tv programs
    watch recorded movies from a multi media hard drive
    surf the net
    no gaming

    full HD or HD ready

    a 42" should be ample big enough and i wont even need to wear my glasses

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    Plasma TV's discolour with time, they have a finite lifespan.

    LED is best due to the long life of the rear LED display - The LCD uses a florescent tube to light up the back, which means that it also has a finite lifespan of hours on.
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    I would go plasma and if you're looking at 40" upward I would go with a full 1080p screen or full HD. The very early plasmas had discoloration and screen burning issues but any new generation model will not have these problems. I much prefer the contrast and colour rendering on plasma even to the newer LED backlit LCD panels.
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    i am not a tv expert but we have an lcd sony and a led samsung. i much rather prefer the samsung for the following reasons:

    1. tv quality is substantially better ( I have heard, not sure about this, but samsung does enhance this)
    2. watching movies on a hard drive. With the samsung, just plug any movie into the tv and it plays, with the sony only takes fat32 hard drives/flash disks.
    3. I had an older Samsung lcd (bought 2009) and it wasn’t able to take a flash disk/hard drive, not to sure about the new ones….

    42" is really big enough i don't think you will need bigger than that except if you have a "movie house" room and i would rather go for full HD the cost difference isn't that big anymore...
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