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    Proudly South African

    I was born in Africa and need to feel the African sun on my skin. I would never be able to survive in a cold country. I enjoy the rich diversity of this magnificent country. The people, the food, the fauna and flora. I also support all South African sports teams, win or lose!

    Here are some of the other reasons why I am proudly South African:

    The Meerkat will be the biggest radio Telescope in the world. The new armoured vehicle has a locally developed mine detector that allows the vehicle to move at 50km per hour while scanning for mines! Recent advances and world firsts in heart surgery and many more South African achievements makes me proud.

    No racist Julius Malema or racist government will make me change my view that this is the greatest country in the world. All we need to do is to keep our focus and not be put off by these bad elements who are getting too much media exposure. It may take 100 years, but good always prevails over evil.
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    The second link doesn't work.

    Blurock, I couldn't agree with you more. I love this country. I love the openness and friendliness of the average person, regardless of race. I love walking through a large company and seeing Afrikaans old tannies walking in corridors with their black colleagues and you can see the geniune liking they have for each other. I love our ability to survive against all odds and our inventiveness to overcome any obstacle. Of course, the weather is an added bonus.

    If only this could be promoted rather than the hate, we will leave a better country for all our children and grandchildren.
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