Company record keeping

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A company must keep its records for a minimum period of seven years.

The following records must be maintained by all companies:

  • Its Memorandum of Incorporation, any amendments to it, and any rules of the company related to its governance.
  • A record of its directors
  • An asset register
  • Copies of all:
    • reports presented at an annual general meeting
    • annual financial statements
    • accounting records for the current and previous 7 financial years
    • Notice and minutes of all shareholders meetings including all adopted resolutions and documents made available at these meetings
    • Copies of all notices sent generally to all holders of any class of the company's securities
    • Minutes of all meetings and resolutions of directors, or directors’ committees, or the audit committee.

In addition to the above, every profit company must maintain:

  • A securities register

And when applicable

  • A record of its company secretaries and auditors.