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Thread: TFSA Helps Me A Lot

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    TFSA Helps Me A Lot

    First, Lanuage Ability Improved

    I looked back to the post I have sent in the past and I can't believe that's what I have done before. In the quick communication with the former, I had made a lot of mistakes and jokes. At the first, I would talked to myself that it's ok because I am not english speaking people. Maybe a good communication ability is also a repect to all.

    After about two years communication and learning here. I am a little confident on my language ability now.I would say I can express correct what I want to talk about now. All these, I should thank TFSA and also thank the friends here being with me.

    Second, Business Knowledge Improved

    As you know I was a learner here though I am still be and will continue be. As I have tried to sent main professional topics, but I can answer the question from the fellow formers. It's a pitty!

    With "let's talk business" slogan, TFSA is now one of the most professinal and helpful forum in the world. With the clear ideas, we can learn a lot here.

    Third, Life Attitude Improved

    Now I can show off what mistake I have made that is mainly because people here are frank and kind to each other. Most of the time, we come here for help. When we meet some problem or difficulty issues, we will post out our puzzle and wait for help from the members in TFSA. Not ashame to ask for help from other people.

    Share! Most of the time, people come here just share their ideas on some area.For me, I can share you how to learn Chinese and I can also show you some useful information to travel in China.

    Last, Thanks To All

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    I am so pleased to hear your time on TFSA is proving helpful to you.

    It has also been a pleasure to see your technique grow over time too. When I consider the rocky start we had when you joined to where we are today, you have definitely come a long way. And as much as you give TFSA credit, I must give credit to you for being a willing student.

    Well done Robinson. May good fortune be with you because I believe you deserve it.

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