How will anti-apartheid icon Harry Schwarz be remembered?

Outline of Schwarz's political life
- Defense lawyer in Rivonia Trial.

- Formidable opposition leader in parliament from 1974-1991, feared by National Party MPs.

- Realigned opposition politics against apartheid in 1970s.

- Signed Mahlabatini Declaration with Buthelezi in 1974 (first declaration by black and white political leaders committing to end apartheid in non-violent way)

- Led the call in white politics for peaceful negotiations with black leaders.

- Became first person to propose a Bill of Rights in parliament in 1983.

- Visited Nelson Mandela in jail in 1988 and demanded his release.

- Acted as a symbol of the end of apartheid as ambassador to United States in 1990s, and negotiated end of US sanctions.