Nowadays, online shopping marketing is more and more developed. People are willing to buying goods online because itís more convenient and comfortable. But as the merchant of the online shopping site, they are trying every ways to attract the customers and are trying different kinds of methods to make their products and service know by the online customer.
Here I want to say something about the price comparison marketing.

First, you must know the brief information of the price comparison market.

As we know there are many price comparison sites are ranks highly in US,UK,AS,NZ,IE,SA,FR and so on. You may also know shopzilla, nextag, shopping, getprice, pricegrabber, pricerunner,pronto, become, amazon,google shopping,yahoo shopping,

Second, you must know how does a price comparison site work.
This is also the most important one to this marketing. With a good understanding of how this price comparison site works, you will run it easily. To my understanding, the price comparison is that the merchant provide the products to the price comparison site, and then the channel list the merchantís products on their site. With the products listed, the customers can compare the price with the help of the channel search and site map. The customers will choose the lower prices products with the same quality or same price with a higher quality.
More choice on products category, price, size, color and so on. Why not join this marketing?

Third, you must know how to running the price comparison sites.
The following things must be taken your concern, datafeed, bidding, cpc rate, account balance and so on. The datafeed is also the most important one to all, with it the customers can get the correct information of the merchantís products information. To my working experience, the key point is the updating speed and frequency. We need to keep the channel and merchant site price the same every day. So we have to update the currency every week.
To have a good relationship with the account manager is also very important. We have first asked about the rate card, payment methods, datafeed specification, contact, vat first. But with the developing of the cooperation, we can differ something, such as the rate card. We can ask for some discounts.
Anyhow, I hope this can be a little help to some of the guys who want to work on this. More need the all of you to share here!