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Thread: Managing time effectively...

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    Managing time effectively...

    We live in a fast-paced world, and managing time is more important than ever. It can feel overwhelming trying to accomplish everything in the short amount of time we have, but it is not impossible! 24 hours may feel like too small amount of time to be able finish all we want to do in a day, but with these helpful tips, you can make those hours count for your home and work life! Here are some quick tips to make the time you do have work for you.

    Be Realistic, But Optimistic, About Your Time
    Before you begin working on improving your time management skills, realize that there will be instances you cannot accomplish everything you set out to do in a day. Staying realistic about your time will keep you from feeling disheartened when you do not complete everything on your list. You’re only human; understand your limits, but do your best to complete your tasks.

    Organize Your Workspace
    When the workload feels like it is dominating your time and attention, it is best to start from the beginning by organizing your tasks and time. Taking charge of clutter and creating an environment that fosters ideas rather than disorder and confusion will save time . If you are having trouble getting organized, bring in a professional and let their expertise influence your habits and surroundings.

    Be Proactive – Make Lists!
    A “to do” list helps many people lay out what items must take priority and what tasks can wait until a later time. An interactive list, such as using Taskwise, can help systematize assignments and is also flexible because you can reorder the list at will, as you add or delete tasks. Some people find physical, written lists more helpful, as physically marking a task as complete can be satisfying and you can do that in Taskwise! Do what is best for you, and be willing to mix up your routine if the format becomes tiring.

    Use Music to Keep on Pace at Work
    If you are working on a big project and have trouble keeping on task, try to put some music on while you work. Rather than hearing your coworkers talk or answer the phones in the background, the music can drown out those sounds that may distract you and help you focus. However, be aware that music could distract your coworkers, so keep the volume at a reasonable level or ask permission to wear earphones while you work.

    Make Time Management a Habit
    Once you have established good routines in time management, maintain them throughout the week. Making small changes to your routine will keep you from falling back into bad practices when temptation strikes. Your new habits might rub off on your coworkers and your newfound productivity could get you noticed with your bosses.

    Time management pays off!

    And you, how do you manage your time?

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    A good article

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirelle View Post
    And you, how do you manage your time?
    MS Outlook and a written list in my diary.

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