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Thread: top 10 SEO tips for your guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave A View Post
    ....forums are a form of social media, TFSA is a social media website.
    In the same sense that a classic car is still a car. But there are those who wouldn't be seen dead standing forlornly next to "their car" with steam pouring from the radiator.

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    Thanks for this very informative post dude it really help a lot for internet marketing strategy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatmaster View Post
    Funny how some people can make SEO sound so simple to do. The reality is that it is becoming more and more complicated. The number of factors that will influence rankings are also growing more and more into individual sciences. All I can say is that since 2003 it is much better to outsource organic SEO to an expert, especially if you target competitive keywords. I would like to talk more old school about SEO and its biggest ranking factors. Contextual deep inbound links and Contextual outbound links would probably be the biggest SEO factors you can get besides the basics everyone seems to mention.
    I agree with you mate. Contextual inbound links are very important and a top most factor when it comes to off-page activity. However i believe its a combination of factors which help's a site to rank well on Search engines. You cannot rank without a authority website.
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