Following situation:

Manufacturer is in South America.

He's got his mandate. This seller mandate has introduced the products to me and I found the buyer who has his mandate as well, the buyer mandate.

So I am the intermediary/middleman.

Manufacturer - Seller Mandate - Intermediary - Buyer Mandate - Buyer

Business has been agreed on. Delivery will take place. Inspection and finalizing of sale will happen on the 9th of June.

My actual connection is with the seller mandate, so I will get my commission from them. He has confirmed twice by email that I will get 1.5% from his side.

What kind of agreement should I let him/his lawyer sign at TTM to make sure I will receive my commission?

Yes, I will try to have my name in the final agreement, however, they follow international trade regulations which only entitles an intermediary to get 0.75%, I get 1.5% directly from the seller mandate though. I assume he has a special agreement with the manufacturer.

Does anyone get the point? I am trying to protect my commission by letting them sign something, but what exactly?