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Thread: drivers license

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    drivers license

    you got to love the fact that no documents issued by the licensing department are valid for identification at the licensing department.

    not your old drivers nor the temp. license...they issue you with while you wait for the new have to produce your original ID to collect your new drivers license.

    is this an idication of how corrupt the licensing system really is?

    what is even more scary is how they spell license... "licence" i know my spelling is pathetic (and as i get more and more blind so it will get worse) but on an official document tlike your drivers license... eeeish maybe they could have got it the way i did check the oxford dictionary....maybe it doesnt apply in SA any road names etc...been changed without telling anyone.

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    AFAIK licence is the UK english spelling when used as a noun (e.g. show your driver's licence); license is UK english spelling for the verb (e.g. to license your motor vehicle).

    License is applicable as noun or verb in US english spelling.

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