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Thread: Pastel Status 116 Error?

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    Pastel Status 116 Error?

    I wonder if you could give me some advice.

    I am running Pastel v 10.2.4 ( 5 user lic) on a small network (2 workstations) with the Pastel09 directory on a NAS-drive, it used to work fine until i setup RDP to be able to work from home. Now as soon as I want to open a company on a second workstation it gives me a Status 116 message and closes Pastel.

    I spent around 3 hours on the phone with Pastel, but no-one has any idea why it does that.

    Any ideas??


    Andre Pelser

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    Hi Andre,

    I have responded to your duplicate post in the other thread. Awaiting your reply, before I can offer more advice.
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