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Thread: Marketing - my arch nemesis!

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    Flyers do work when they advertise the right thing or are remembered when received at the right time.
    But like an ad the more it is repeated the more it is remembered.
    The best marketing is word of mouth.
    Only stress when you can change the outcome!

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    Peter Carruthers used to consult with small businesses that were in trouble and that led to 'Business Warriors' through 'Petes Weekly' (PW is still going incidently)

    He found that by the time most small businesses decided to consult, it was too late, that is why he started 'Crashproof Your Business' so that Small Business Owners could avoided the pitfalls of doing business.

    Perhaps a small investment in the book 'Crashproof your Business' by Peter Currethers and instead of spending money advertising for business, advertise and hold a small free seminar at your local library hall (usually reasonably priced) offering to help small businesses from getting into trouble in the first place and then for a fee consulting those who are in trouble.

    That I am sure will give you plenty of clients, those that attended and the people they speak to.
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