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Thread: UBUNTU 10.10 / PC problem

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    UBUNTU 10.10 / PC problem

    I have had a look through the different threads, but cannot find anything related to my specific problem.

    As many others I also tried UBUNTU firstly from the DVD and then after a week or two installed it onto my HD. This I think was around Dec. last year. Everything was working fine and I was impressed with the speed of everything.

    I had to regularly reboot to switch to WIndows as I have a few programs needing a Win. environment. I also installed VirtualBox to overcome booting up every time, but did not have the patience / time to get it to work properly.

    A few weeks ago the PC did not want to shut down after the machine had been working for a few hours. On the UBUNTU forums I could not get an answer I could understand as the jargon the people use is not English, not even to mention Afrikaans. To try and solve the problem I regularly updated UBUNTU via the prescribed method until one evening when I did it again and this was the last time I could get the machine working properly. The PC would go through the normal start up process and then ended up in a blank screen. It did not get to the point of giving me a choice of going to Windows.

    After battling for a couple of hours to get the thing going I decided to go the UBUNTU "try out" route.
    I could work but could not find any old documents. I installed again.

    Now I cannot access Windows and my impression is that I also cannot access the original UBUNTU installation. I have two 80 GB hard drives in the PC. Where the system is running from I do not know. Under "places" I would find "backups" being the one HD with practically nothing on it and then "9.2 GB Filesystem" from where I can access some documents, but the rest of the HD I do not have access to.

    The whole thing is "deurmekaar" as I want to send a fax, download the appropriate fax program, but it does not install into Office under Applications. After downloading it says installed, but my impression is that it does not install where I want it to.

    I would prefer not to clean up everything from the HD if I can prevent it.
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    Hi Faan,I would suggest that first of all do some data recovery so that you save all your important information.Try a recovery program called getback data.You need to install your harddrive as a slave on a working machine and save the recovered data.After re installing your corrupted drive,you can now try to restore your operating system and or file system by using a program called Hiron's Ultimate BootCD.These programs is available free of charge.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Faan,
    It sounds like one of two things has happened:
    1) your hard drive has died. this would explain why you can't access windows or your old ubuntu install. This would mean that your second install of ubuntu has been placed on your other 80GB.
    2) your GRUB (something that describes where the operating systems are) has been overwritten or removed entirely.

    I'm not entirely sure what's going on with your PC at the moment, but here are the symptoms for both scenarios:
    1) you can now access ubuntu, but you cannot see one of your hard drives.
    2)you can access ubuntu, and you can see your other hard drive. You can also see the files that were part of windows (and possibly your previous install of ubuntu)

    hope this helps.

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