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Thread: The Tunisian phenomenon

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    Smile The Tunisian phenomenon

    On other posts we have had, there was a tension on the issue of being simply "stoically defeatist", shutting up and resignedly getting on with our lives, leaving the "snouted ones at the trough" ... OR using your voice.

    Well, is it not just incredible how just one man, who believed that "enough was enough", brought down a totalitarian regime of over 23 years standing?. Yes, he gave his life in the process, but it is still quite incredible when you think how all kinds of previous opposition, including loss of life and liberty, had failed.

    And please let us understand that Tunisians are no where "as free' as we are in SA. They don't have "the best Constitution in the World". They don't have freedom of access to information laws and other freedoms entrenched.

    In addition, as regards both culture and religion, they are a naturally "conservative" people, accepting and respectful of authority.

    It really is quite simple. NEVER give up your voice! Never!
    Let us have the conversation!
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    Bob should watch out and our locals had better not stomp on the media, if you do the people will believe any rumour and it will spread unchecked!!
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