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Thread: looking for a 3G booster / repeater

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    looking for a 3G booster / repeater

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a 3G booster, or even better, repeater to use on the farm. My in-laws has a farm between Swartruggens & Groot Maricho. 3G reception is rather poor here. And when it's hot, there's no signal at all.

    I tried the "Cell Phone/3G Reception Booster Kit 9.5dBi" from Uniterm but it didn't make any difference at all. They didn't have the 11dBi one in stock at that stage so I couldn't try it.

    Does anyone use a repeater / booster? What do you use, and how effective is it?
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    The LPDA based antennae you tried is a very good option, but there is few things that needs to work together to make the solution work.
    1. The antennae has to point exactly towards the cell tower/base station. So try to find out exactly where it is and turn the antennae in the correct direction.
    2. If possible also place the antennae where it has line of sight to the cell tower. Avoid buildings, water tanks between the antennae and tower.
    3. The adapter/pad that comes with the antennae that you place the modem or phone on will work fine if you have 1 bar signal, but it will struggle if the signal is really bad. In such case it would be better to have a connector from the antennae which plugs directly into the modem/router. Something like this .

    Is there any signal outside the buildings?

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