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Thread: Avoid the last minute christmas rush

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    Avoid the last minute christmas rush

    for those of you in the Durban area, get your shopping done quickly, and get it done soon. I was at gateway on my lunch break, and it is an absolute madhouse. I narrowly avoided 3 accidents in traffic circles (apparently no one looks right when entering the circles any more), gateway itself is absolutely mobbed, and the christmas rush is causing traffic delays like never before.
    On a positive note though, I got to watch an elderly woman get onto an escalator for the first time in her life. a small crowd of her friends waited at the bottom =P

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    Well as usual we are without power; most of the offices are closed because the generators ran dry, and our small business can’t do business because the ATMs are down along with half the Bank networks so swiping your card just became impossible. Not to mention that our traffic is a modern nightmare and every intersection a potential accident.

    Also most of the residential arias are without water and electricity “and that sucks because all the food you planned to enjoy is now becoming nice and rotten...

    So much for shopping and enjoying the festive season, not to mention the loss of income that our shops will suffer for this time of year...

    I wonder if we can reschedule the holidays...
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