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Thread: power surge insurance

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    power surge insurance

    we are not talking about lightning protection which you also need to be aware without surge protection the insurance company will tell you to fly a kite rather than pay you out.

    just like the smooth tyre matter if you are hit from the back while stopped at a red robot...the first thing you do even before you report it to the police is to check you tyres are not below the legal limit...otherwise the insurance company will not pay out...this is a fact.

    the latest problem with insurance is he power surge from a cable theft...

    If the cable is stolen from the electricity box down the road and they cut the neutral off before the live are in big trouble...the voltage apparently can reach over 600 volts...which in turn blows up your appliances...i have pictures of a premises where this happened a couple of days ago.

    some of the electrical equipment caught on fire and almost burnt the house like a committed insurance client who pays his bills every month...calls the insurance comapny to inform them about the problem...the insurance company insists that a reputable electrical company is called in to check the electrics...being the reputable company i am... go out do some tests and start switching on parts of the installtion i have checked...we find numerous appliances are burnt beyond we leave tham disconnected...once i am finished i write a report and hand it over to the customer...who then waits for the assessor to arrive which he assess the damage and see how much he can scr*w the customer out of paying the claim...because that is their job unfortunately...beware of these people they seems like such friendly people until they reject or reduce your claim then try speak to them .

    an assesor is employed by insurance companies to figue out ways to reduce the claims as much as possible and to try catch you out...the more thay can reduce the claim the better the commission from the insurance comapny.

    they will ask you some questions and while on your property do things like check the value of your stuff to se if it is under insured...will notify the insurance company so that only a perctage of the claim is paid out...that one trick...i dont have time now to go into detail must go back to work...will carry on later.

    check with your insurance...if you are covered if the cable is lost and your appliances are destroyed.

    and also check if they have changed the clause without notifying you.

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    Yeah exactly, this is how it actually works as I have noticed these points for several times.
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