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Thread: When spam reduction technology loses the plot

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    When spam reduction technology loses the plot

    One of the dubious pleasures of running TFSA is dealing with spam issues. The toughest nut to crack is making sure that the emails you (as a member of TFSA) want to receive do actually get to you - which means dealing with email spam filters.

    One of the spam control mechanisms I'm coming across more and more often of late is Boxbe. The basic concept of Boxbe seems fair enough, although it probably would help if it had an option for you to add domains as well as individual email addresses to your guest list (particularly useful if you want to receive emails from a company, regardless of the individual who might be sending the mail, as example).

    However, this morning I get this message:

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    So let's feel this one over for catches.

    1. Someone joins The Forum SA and has Boxbe protection on their email address.
    2. They can't load the specific email address the confirmation email comes from onto their guest list because it isn't advertised (I get more than enough spam on that email address already without opening even more doors, thanks).
    3. They can't load the domain onto their guest list either.
    4. So I have to manually confirm, or the person needs to check their waitlisted mail and clear up the snag that way.

    So far this isn't too big a deal. But look at this scenario:

    1. The new member is actually a spammer.
    2. This new member invites me to join their extended network and share friends.
    3. If I do, I've just opened the door for them to get priority status access to my entire email list on Boxbe.

    I trust the members here will understand why I won't be accepting the invitation, and if any of you are on Boxbe, please don't bother inviting me to share my guests. I take the protection of your email information pretty seriously.

    But what floors me is that Boxbe has even opened the door!

    What were they thinking? Were they so keen to tap into viral networking methods to expand their reach that they forgot their primary objective?

    I reckon Boxbe have lost the plot on this one.

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