The hand weaving business is specialised, slow but steady, even taking into account the imported rugs and hangings etc.. which are obviously far cheaper it carries on gently puttering away. However, I have recently relocated to Hilton and have this huge space problem and need to either find a weaver who would be happy to have one of the looms on their premises, or even, in worse case scenario to dispose of the whole enterprise, lock stock and barrel. However, I am finding it very difficult to make contact with other people in this line. The Midlands weavers have all got more than enough equipment, weaving looms do not need to be replaced very often. I do not think one has to be bound by province, and would like to contact anyone who has any thoughts on the matter as these looms and the equipment (including the wool) are fully functioning, working units that only need the human touch. I am thinking perhaps NGO's even...I don't know. Any thoughts would be welcome.