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Thread: Kidnapping on West Rand

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    Angry Kidnapping on West Rand

    My daughter was kidnapped Monday morning outside Standard Bank in Randfontein, she was handcuffed by a "policeman", taken to the veld between Randfontein and Kagiso and there she was robbed of all she had with her and abandoned under a bridge. Thank God she managed to crawl up to the road and there she was released by some passing pedestrians who she fled from (being terrified), an employee of Tile II Tile found her and took her back to their shop, where they eventually contacted me. Thank God she is safe, but VERY traumatized.

    The scam used is a woman exits the Bank with the victim, and as they step out on to the pavement, a passerby "accidentally" drops a bank bag with money in it. the woman picks it up and turns to the victim asking if they saw who dropped it. When the dropper is identified, the woman asks the victim to accompany her to return the money. Once clear of the bank, a second accomplice presents a police ID, and informs the victim that there has been a robbery and that she must now accompany them to the police station. The victim is pushed in to a car (a silver 3 series BMW in this case), where she is then handcuffed with the police type cable ties. She was then driven out of town, and under the road bridge she is taken out of the car and threatened with unimaginable horror. She is robbed of all with her, and again intimidated into giving her PIN no for her bank card. Thankfully at this point she was abandoned, but this may just have been because of the approaching pedestrians, who once they came across her informed not to worry as the car had left...

    Please folks be on the lookout for this scam taking place and warn your wives and daughters !!!!!
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    My sympathies to you and especially your daughter, deetee.

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    So incredibly sorry to hear of this.
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    and they say it was all propagander they drummed into us while in the sadf...funny how all the kak they told us would happen seems to be happening...

    sorry to hear about your just make my blood boil

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