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Thread: DsTV does it again!

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    DsTV does it again!

    I hadn't switched on my old SMS (Sun Moon Star) DsTV decoder for months since I gave up the subscription when I worked out that 93% of programmes were repeats (although 100% of payments were new).
    So last Sunday I switched it on again and programmed 6 networks on PAS7/10.
    I received a message onscreen that my decoder would not work and I should contact Mukkychoice to upgrade the decoder. Nevertheless, despite this message I picked up 72 active channels such as France24, Fox, AlJazeera etc., all Free-To-Air. Lo and Behold, it wasn't long before I started losing the channels as one after the other they became blocked -EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE FREE TO AIR!! So Mukkychoice must have reprogrammed my card to do this so I would be forced to take my decoder in for "upgrading". You can be sure this will include a feature to prevent you from viewing the free to air channels on this or any other sattelite in future. Incidently they advise viewers to visit their website for more info on the upgrade but I searched their website in vain and found no reference to this upgrade at all.

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    No wonder people use pirate decoders.
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    I found this post on the net but I haven’t tested it as yet.
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    I like that dudes blog that you linked to Tec0.

    There's another article on that blog about an encrypted free2view satellite service which uses the now defunked GTV decoders which were proprietary equipment.
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