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Thread: MWeb Hacked

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    MWeb Hacked

    This little gem in my inbox didn't exactly brighten up my day or instill confidence in one of my ISP's.

    Dear MWEB Customer
    You may have heard or read in the media that an MWEB system was "hacked" and some user account information was compromised in the process. The system in question is a web interface provided by Internet Solutions, that is used to provision and manage a small group of customers on their ADSL network. This vulnerability has subsequently been secured.

    Please note that there are less than a thousand customers who are potentially affected by this and if you are one of the affected users we will be contacting you to assist with the reset of your ADSL password, as an added security measure. Also note that most of our Business ADSL customers have already been moved over to our own ADSL IPC network during the course of the last few months.

    Even though this was a low-risk event please be assured that we take the security of our networks and systems very seriously. If you have any further concerns or questions about this incident please feel free to contact us.

    Kind regards
    MWEB Operations
    There's more info here

    I can only imagine mweb's database hack was down to sloppy practices.
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    Dear sirs if you see your own name on the list maybe it's time for
    switching ISP (in case you have any option)
    The complete list can be found here
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