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Thread: So hows business?

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    So hows business?

    As someone sitting on the side lines, I have heard from various sources that it’s doom and gloom out there.

    Particularly hard hit appears to be the construction & retail industries, especially the retailers out there that support the building industry.

    From friends in the restaurant trade, they tell me that things are very bad at the moment too.

    So what are your experiences? Whats working? Whats not?

    Is there an expectation that the local economy may improve soon?

    (Umm, mods, if I’ve posted this in the wrong place, apologies, and pse move)

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    By general standards I don't think we have it too bad. I know a couple of builders who have work for the next year or two and whilst I'm not not in building or retailing my company is busy enough to be turning work away.
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    I think if World Cup infrastructure spend had been seperated in the national stats, construction would have have shown up as one of the sectors hardest hit by the GFM. Certainly private sector construction slowed down dramatically.

    In a broader sense, I think it depends what you are comparing current performance to. The last year has been fairly stable, perhaps gentle growth but certainly no fireworks. Compared to pre-GFM, general trading conditions are tougher - much tougher - but I think most of the survivors have adapted by now.

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    Depends on the industry and your abilities. We operate in a number of industries and some are hard hit, not so much by the recession per se, but by the fact that the world cup is over. Many businesses brought projects forward to be ready for the worrld cup. We do work for the hospitality industry and the work dried up for a number of months after the world cup. But, we can't meet demand in another industry, people line up with money in hand wanting our products. We sell 10X faster than we can deliver. People are so eager to get the products that they are willing to pay us in advanace and wait for 6 months to get the product.

    The trick with starting a new business is to find a niche market that nobody else services. We were lucky enough to find one. If you can provide a quality product and a high profit margin, to a customer that is willing to wait & pay, then you have the perfect market. Those markets do exist, they are hard to pinpoint but they do exist.

    I think that certain industries are tough even when the going is good. Rstaurants for example, very labour intensive, long hours and you have to keep your eye on it at all times.
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    I am up and down a bit this year. July/sep both down on last year - rest of the months up, generally by 5 - 20%, but often flat taking in to consideration inflation and higher input costs. October looking very good though - in the one shop we have already done more than the whole of September, and it's only the 16th. I am kinda hoping for a bumper Christmas, I need it....

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