Hello if you are a manager for a large business like safeway/savemart/macy's or any kind of large business i was hoping you could answer a few questions i have for educational purposes. thanks.

1.Name of person, Title, company name, company address and phone number.

2.Is this a profit-making or non-profit company? Which type of ownership is the business operating under?

3.How did you obtain this management position; that is, what background and experience enabled you to get this job? How long have you been the manager?

4.What skills, abilities, and knowledge are most important in successfully performing your job?

5.What kinds of problems do you spend most of your time on? (examples: planning, budgeting, customer relations, personnel, quality control, report-writing, etc.)

6.What major changes do you anticipate in your industry in the next 5-10 years? (Examples:computerization, goverment regulations, more foreign competition, changing workforce, environmental problems, decreased demand for your product, technology change, etc.)

7.To what extent is your business affected by general economic conditions, such as a recession?

8.What advice would you give to someone wanting to go into management today?

This is actually an assignment for one of my college classes but i would greatly appreciate if you took a few moments to answer these questions for me.
PLEASE reply.. the final deadline for the assignment is nearby
Thanks - Eugene