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Thread: kA ratings

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyD View Post
    Thanks for the follow-up info, it's always nice to know the outcome and I'm glad to hear you got some reliable info from the manufacturers. It's also good to hear your RCD is still functioning within its I∆n spec even after 44 years.
    we have more problem with brand new "expensive" cbi earth leakage units than we do with the good old stuff.

    another good example is the good old lumex plug and light switches...the stuff last forever...replace it with an produc and it is all plastic junk.

    same applies to geysers...once you replace are lucky to get 5 years...some old geysers are still working 25 + years later...the old geysers had a copper drum.

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    Hello everyone, I would like to know, I am using new psc tester TOP TRONICof which I am not familiar with, know when I measured the psc it gives me a value 758 amps, the main circuit breaker is 63 amps 3ka rating. My quation is this valve acceptable?

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    Morning Mathaba

    Provided your tests were carried out correctly i.e: with the load off and at the main breaker then your value is acceptable.

    758 amps reading breaker can handle 3000 amps fault current even at three phase (758 x 1. 73)
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