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Thread: How to make your own ebook and report

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    Post How to make your own ebook and report

    By now you may have wondered what is the best way to make money online. The best way to make money online is to sell your own product. Yes !

    There's so much advantages for you to benefit from. The best invisible advantages is to build tremendous self confidence. If you not a good writer you can hire one,but in my opinion you can write your own e-book. You must just put your selfbelieve in there. You can also get a free plr e-book that's already finish,you just change a few features and put your name on the e-book.If you prefer to go the route of using quality free plr e-books,or create your own from scratch further.

    You must decide on what niche to use to cover your topic. A good topic you can create by brainstorming the things you love,that will exercise your creative juices. Your next step is your e-book cover. As the saying go “don't judge a book by it's cover” in the internet marketing world people judge an e-book by it's front cover, before they read or buy the product.

    How much content must be in the e-book?
    A series of about 10 articles that guarantee you a report and if you can ad more, then you have a full e-book. Attention ! Be Sure to check the private label rights license before you invest your time in creating your e-book. Always stay within the law with plr content, to be safe. You can be creative and use plr content to fill your e-book.

    Draw the readers attention
    When using articles in your e-book always attract the readers attention by,start from the beginning. You can use a example of a book in the library, give your introduction details,and set it up in chapters to make it easier for the reader,to find information in your e-book. Correct all spelling and grammar errors,some readers are picky.

    Legal documents make sure to state all legal stuff, to insure others don't use your hard-working information.

    Monetize your e-book by branding.
    To make more profit of your e-book you can insert affiliate links and all the information that can attract also traffic to your website. Maybe you recommending a good host program,you can search for a host company,and obtain a affiliate link from them. That affiliate link you can cloak or just put it in your e-book.

    Convert e-book to pdf formatting
    The best tool to use to write e-books and convert to pdf form are Open Office ( Free).You can just go to google and type Open Office. You can download it for free,in my opinion Open Office is a great tool to use with any document and have good quality. And guest what ! You just save your e-book in pdf format and you FINISH !

    You have your own product now can give away for free or sell...You have many options..

    Just remember to use good quality content for e-book or report, and mix it up with your amazing ideas.
    From Small ideas comes big Benefits.........

    Are you in need of high quality free PLR content to build your reports and eBooks? Visit my site at

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