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Thread: What are the benefits of registering your small business?

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    What are the benefits of registering your small business?

    This article has me begging the question - what are the benefits of registering your micro/small business?
    THERE are more than six million small businesses in South Africa but only 17 percent are registered because their owners do not know the benefits of doing so, a national survey has revealed.
    full story from The Sowetan here
    I hear rumours of state-funded financial assistance programs - wouldn't know where to find one. Are there any other real benefits that offset the freedom of being in the "informal sector?"

    The story also gives a pile of stats which as a small business owner myself I find more appalling than surprising or shocking. For example
    Entrepreneurs work about 63 hours a week.
    and for most of us (especially given the hours) the pay isn't that hot either.

    "Poor exploited civil servants" that go on strike for far-above-inflation pay increases think they have it tough - try being a small business entrepreneur!
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