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Thread: ZA.BZ domain registrations

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    ZA.BZ domain registrations

    I got this email (in my spam folder) that suggests I should register a domain. It goes as follows:
    There is a new domain extension for South African Business (

    Inkunzi hosting is offering this amazing special to help you protect you company website name on the internet or get the website name that you have always wanted

    Register any ZABZ’s name with us and we will give you:

    1. FREE forwarding to any other domain
    2. FREE 10 e-mail address for the ZABZ’s domain

    Don’t miss out and let someone else register your website name

    Click Here for more information
    So I go - let's look at the ZA.BZ registrar - a tad slick for a domain registrar's website. And when I see there are also regional domains available such as, etc. my warning bells are well and truly ringing.

    It turns out that the BZ extension is the regional extension for Belize - which from a regional point of view is pretty far removed from South Africa.

    So what have we got here - clever opportunistic scam or the South African business domain registrar of the future?

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    Nice scam. Well spotted and thanks for the heads up.
    I am special and so is Vanash.

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    BZ = Bee Zee?
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