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Thread: how can I revive this forum?

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    how can I revive this forum?

    Hi all,

    I hope someone can help with this one. A forum that I manage for a friend, has died down quite a lot. It used to be rather active, but not anymore.

    The main purpose of the forum is photography, but it seems like another one has taken all the action. Does anyone have some suggestions for me to revive this forum a bit?
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    I'd make the galleries the home page, or at least a big portion of it - just a thought and here's why.

    It took me ten minutes to find anything that vaguely interested me, and in the end the galleries page was it. And I suggest that anyone would find that page interesting, and then explore further from there.

    I'm sorry to say this, but that series of blog posts on the home page did nothing for me. Confused me even. I was wondering what the site was trying to achieve, where this was going, who'd be interested...

    I ended up going "where are the photos?" and only then looked for a galleries link. Stashed away - I was lucky I had a rough idea where to look (after all, I do know my way around vBulletin, but not everyone does).

    I'd also suggest the top forum needs to be something that more people will be interested in too. I appreciate cameras are important in photography but is there anything more general and of wider appeal to put up there?
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