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Thread: About E-Data, personal experience

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    I also baught the E-Data package that promises typing work. Also completely outdated stuff. They give you useless links to transcription sites that you must sign up at. Then these sites want to charge you to type for them. They also say that they will provide you with free software to do transcription work - all it is is a demo transcription program that you can try out for free for 30 days. Then they say that they have all this bonus work - its just a duplicate of the info on Data Worx - useless outdated information on how to do Affiliate Marketing and participate in Surveys of which none of the Survey companies accept applicants outside of the USA.

    Anyway just thought I'd share my personal experience with you guys, hope this answers your questions.

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    Don’t you just wish you can take them on! But yes I had a similar experience... But the company wasn’t called E-Data
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