I see that there are a lot of posts here asking about DataWorks. I have personally tried and tested DataWorks and to be very honest they show you how to do Affiliate Marketing. The methods used are out of date and are also the fastest way of getting a bad name online. Every methode used all expert marketers warn about and they don't teach you the correct way of doing affiliate marketing. The chances of making money with this is Zilch. Then they want all your commissions to be paid into their PayPal account and they will then pay it into your account without charging you any fees, I don't know how this is possible because PayPal's fees are quite hefty. They tell you that you cannot get your own PayPal account in South Africa which is no longer true because you can get a PayPal account if you have an FNB account.

Talking from my personal experience do not waste your time, money or effort on this.