My impression is that my mail does not get fetched from the server where my business site is hosted. I picked it up when a customer asked about an order placed a few days ago. I then asked my wife to reply to a mail I sent her. She received the mail and replied immediately but after an hour still no mail in my inbox. Even when I do a manual fetch nothing happens.

I checked this on Google with lots of people having the same problem since about 2008, but am unable to see a solution to the problem.

A few days ago I had the situation that my web disk space was getting full to the extent that it exceeded what I was allowed, because of mail being left on the server. This was partly solved with the help of someone in that I could change the settings on my Gmail account that no mail is left on the server after being fetched by gmail. The settings are correct now, but the mail still gets left on the server when I check on Cpanel

When I use Thunderbird to receive mails it seems that everything disappear from the archived labels in Gmail, so I am a bit reluctant to open up Thunderbird.

I am obviously concerned as I do not receive mail and orders via Gmail.

Any pointers would be appreciated.