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Thread: GroFin Expanding in KZN

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    GroFin Expanding in KZN

    Access to finance remains one of the greatest restricting factors in the growth of small to medium sized businesses. GroFin has been entrusted by multinational companies and investment funds to make loan funding available to viable SME’s as part of its mandate to grow SME’s throughout Africa.

    Currently in seven African countries and with offices in Pretoria, Durban and soon to be Cape Town, the GroFin model couples both medium term loan funding with Business Development Assistance (BDA) aimed at growing the business without the onerous exit of a venture capital partner. GroFin makes use of in house Business Experts who provide input and evaluate the business planning stage identifying the areas of the business that require attention or additional support. These same experts play an active role after the disbursement of funds, ensuring the business continues on the planned path.

    GroFin KZN is busy expanding with the return of Dave Davies to the region, who along with Cathie Vanmari, Thilen Naidoo and recently employed Gary Simmonds aim to ensure the GroFin mandate of growing SME’s in the area is fulfilled. Facilities are from R500k to R7 million and vary from 3 to 5 years.
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