Any business that is taking on, paying and dismissing employees is practising Human Resource Management. The key issue, however, is doing this correctly, which is the motivation behind Softline Pastel Payroll’s introduction of a new automated HR software solution specifically for SME businesses.

The software has been designed and developed by Pastel Payroll to be used either in conjunction with the Pastel Payroll system or completely independently so that any SME company may use it, whether they have payroll software or not. However, where users of Pastel Payroll software also want to implement the HR solution, it does have the same look and feel and can synchronise with the payroll software to import all the non-financial information of the existing employees to eliminate tedious manual recapturing of the details.

The new HR software is affordable, can be easily and quickly deployed and provides a pathway for quick return on investment. Lloyd says the developers focused on ease-of-use and suitability for any type and size of business in the SME sector.