Thanks to virgin mobile, my mother after 30 impeccable years has a tarnished credit record.

Aprox. 10 months ago, against my recommendation, my mother signed a contract with virgin mobile.
The very same day 1 of the hundreds of idiots in that company processed a buy out request on the same contract, and instead of debiting the account for the pro-rata and activation fee.

As my mother is with nedbank we had no idea about this as they have no "incontact", fortunately it being pre-pay day there was pretty much just enought o cover what they should of debited and it was returned, they submitted it once more before pay day and again after, all 3 times it was returned and nedbank proceeded to freeze her account because of all of this.

Now obviously she had to go to the bank to sort it out, and that is how we found out about virgins debits. As i am the arogant all knowing SOB int eh family i was charged with solving the matter, i spoke to 1 of their team leaders, Leighton Smith, and he agreed to cancel the contract and have the handset collected at no cost to us, we were sent a statement of a 0 balance and figured it was over.

Now about 6 weeks ago my mother went to Milady's and applied for an account there and they never bothered getting back to here, so 2 weeks ago she went in to find out what was happening and was told it was declined, but had to contact Head Office for more information, the head office then told her that Virgin Mobile had listed her as the cellphone account, the 1 that was canceled, is 9 mines in arrears.

I then took over again and went via hellopeter and demanded that it be sorted by the end of business the next day, this report was made at 9am Thursday 27 May. They contacted me around lunch time very apologetic and promised to resolve it immediately. They then contacted me about 6pm that day requesting and extension on the deadline to the following Monday, 31 May.
On Thursday 04 June i went back to hellopeter as they had not come back to me again and we were unable to get hold of their helpdesk and have not heard anything further.

We were both clients of theirs for a single 2 year contract terms and they pissed me off so badly that my doctor recommended we cancel the contracts as continued communication with them could result in a heart attack, the stupidity of their staff along with my personal inability to handle idiots actually rises my blood pressure to the extent that i get migranes from talking to them, or should i say shouting and swearing. Hence me not wanting her to sign another contract, and as you see it took all of a few hours to piss me off again. Its literally taking every ounce of self control i have to not climb on a plane to JNB and go beat those fuckers to a pulp.

Ok rant done...

Now what i would like to do, and i am almost certain i have full legal rite to do so, would be to file suite against the company and the manager personally responsible for the black listing for Defamation of Character.

What i would like is a little advice and contact details for lawyers who would be qualified to advise and deal with this matter.

Problem obviously comes in that i live in WC and Virgin would be in JNB.

Thanks a lot guys.