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Thread: Hello & CIPRO sucks

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    Hello & CIPRO sucks

    Hi Forum,

    I have been trying to get all of my business affairs in order lately and have found posts on TFSA very informative and interesting reading. I hope that the questions that I ask in the near future are posted in the correct place and furthermore that they are questions that are allowed to be asked in polite company

    (mostly regarding some DOs and DONTs in running your business and some accounting/bookkeeping questions) - I do hope that it is ok to ask such things in here.

    One thing though... My CC has been registered since 2006 and trading since 2008. Since then, I have lost my CK1 Document (the document showing that the CC is registered and all of it's details, etc... this is correct? CK1?)
    I've registered as a customer on the CIPRO website, loaded some funds onto my account through my credit card, and then waited two weeks for the money to be loaded. In fact, it hasnt been loaded yet and I am hitting a brick wall when trying to contact CIPRO via email, phone, sms, carrier pigeon, underwater submarine sonar ping, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and and and...) Sorry, so the short of that is that my money isnt being loaded onto my account and thus I am sure that I cannot "order" the official of my CK1 (if that's the correct name)

    If however I was to get this money loaded onto my account... how could I order an "official" PDF version of this document? (I dont mean going Search Name, typing in my company name, clicking search, clicking on my enterprise and then clicking on Printer Friendly Version... I mean a replica or official COPY of my actual CK1 Document... stamped!)

    What are the menu options, where do I have to go into on the website to find this information? Keep in mind though, that this is a new Customer Account on the CIPRO website, and not the existing account which I registered my CC through back in 2006. I dont remember that account or any of it's credentials. Sorry for asking here, but CIPRO doesnt know what the hell i'm talking about.


    ZA B O

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    Option 1: Get your accountant to deal with the problem - CIPRO registered agents have more options available than company representatives.

    Option 2: Amend some detail of the CK1 so that an updated CK1 has to be issued.

    Option 3: Transfer the assets and liabilities of the problem cc into a new cc, fill in all forms received from anyone as "ceased trading" and leave the old cc to die a CIPRO induced death. Obviously the viability of this last option is pretty situation dependant.

    And try not to lose original documentation because it's a real PITA.

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