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Thread: For YouTube Users

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    Well if popular and public figures want to continue with this then I suggest that they print on the back of the ticked “to the event” that no Videos or photos are allowed to be taken. So now the person will know that he / she can no longer photograph or record the event. But for me that would just take the fun out of it....
    When last did you go to a concert? Most artists don't allow you to take photo's at all.
    John Mayer allows you to record his concerts on audio and video from your seat, but none of the press can take video's.

    If you look twice at Prince you get chucked out...

    The fun should be watching the concert, not taking self portraits while you're there.

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    The photo’s used to coincide with bragging rights but yes the law is the law.

    What is the point being a part of something if you can’t “be a part of it” But you are right most artists will sue you and that is just sad but true. And yes it is the law.

    All I have to say is: long live the paparazzi!
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