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Thread: L Max on legal action against bus owner

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    L Max on legal action against bus owner

    Ministers considers legal action against bus owner and driver

    5 May 2010

    The Western Cape Minister of Transport and his provincial counterpart, MEC for Community Safety Advocate Lennit Max are considering laying criminal charges of culpable homicide against the owner of NONDODA Tours, Mr M Nomana, as well as the bus driver, following this morning’s horror bus crash in De Doorns.

    Twenty three people died and ten others are in a critical condition after the bus, which was on route to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape, crashed through a steel barrier and rolled down the steep embankment between the two double lane highways on the Hex River Pass from Touws River.

    The MECs are furious after it came to light that the bus was suspended from transporting passengers and should not have been on the road. The bus was allegedly carrying 13 more passengers than legally allowed for and survivors claim that the bus driver was asleep at the time of the accident.

    eNatis records have confirmed that the same bus was previously suspended for being unroadworthy and that it was given a notice to discontinue transporting passengers until it has gone for a roadworthy test. It did not comply with this instruction and should not have been on the road transporting passengers. Furthermore, national Department of Transport and the Eastern Cape Operating License Board have confirmed that the bus did not have an operating license.

    The same bus has also been suspended on three occasions in less than 18 months. The mere fact that the bus owner allowed the bus to transport passengers, while knowing well that it was suspended and further overloaded shows his utter contempt for the laws of the road.

    Bus operators like Mr Nomana belong in jail. He has no regard whatsoever for the safety and lives of passengers and other road users says Minister Carlisle. We will meet with the MEC of Transport and Safety in the Eastern Cape Gloria Barry in the next few weeks to establish a joint initiative to tackle unlicensed and unroadworthy buses and taxis that transport passengers between the Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

    Minister Max highlighted that while enforcement authorities were conducting strict and regular bus inspections on the N1 and N2 as part of the province-wide Safely Home campaign it is clear that some operators are using alternative routes to enter the provinces in order to by-pass the inspections.

    Those who have something to hide will always try to slip in through a back door this is true for all criminals and offenders. The teams from both ministries will devise a strategy to ensure that that backdoor is shut for good. No bus should be allowed to escape our scrutiny, says Max.

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    Perhaps somewhere along the way in those previous suspensions the bus should have been impounded.

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    Well the truth is people don’t care about safety as much. It took a gruesome accident about 2 to 3 years ago. The accident hat to happen to get Eskom to change their transport to transport that has safety-belts for every passenger. Again people had to lose their lives before the upgrade in transport.

    In this case “bus accident” however the vehicle was not road worthy and yet it was on the road the driver was asleep. In short it was a death trap and yes again people had to lose their lives simply because somebody wanted to make money.

    Well our traffic department have a lot of speed-cops giving fines but they don’t regulate traffic at peak times, they simply disappear. At night you get your drunk drivers and overloaded busses but no cops and that I think is the big problem. Also on countless occasions I have seen busses with NO working lights running around at late hours of the night again no cops...

    Along with the owner of the bus and the driver I do believe that the traffic department are also to blame, because if they enforced the laws that bus would have been removed and this accident would never have happened. But again people had to die because of greed and neglect.
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    do the police have any measure of taking the speed of a vehicle from their vehicle? I know america stops vehicles if they've been speeding at night and have cameras, but do the local po po have a system in place? I've seen some people stopped by metro, but not by any of the yellow and blue...

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