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    Lightbulb National Marketing Strategy

    Greetings "oh wise ones"

    I'll be honest, there is one main factor which has led me to this forum - the search for answers to my national marketing strategy qauestions.

    I am responsible for the marketing of a small Business Management Solution which has been born and bred here in good old Port Elizabeth, South Africa by a long serving, reputable IT concern. The software is already well established and rather polished and is particularly suited the service industry. Other than South Africa, we have a number of UK based customers running our software and 1 in Ethiopia.

    Now, back to my challenge. Up until now, the directors have been responisble for the International marketing effort and that hasn't really been put on my shoulders just yet. BUT, the national portfolio has been given to me and I finding it a challenge to identify suitable organisations in other centres who would be excited to take on the opportunity to resell our solution.

    We already have a reseller scheme which can yield a nice return for someone who would be willing to run with the marketing and selling of this solution in the other major centres. All supply, setup, support and call centre facilities are in place and are of no cost implication to the reseller.

    And now my question:
    Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom when it comes to finding these national contacts?

    Any advice from someone who might have succeeded in a similar task?

    Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Lyle,
    I may not be the wise one you seek. :P but I am curious a little.

    A reseller scheme? as in other people selling your product? Does that not follow a retail model or is your product very specific?

    Why should the process differ from the international effort? How do they go about finding international resellers?

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